What is WIP?

Passion, vision, exploration—the heart of WIP. Our ever-growing community encourages artists and art appreciators alike to join us at our monthly events. Since August 2015, we have granted artists the opportunity to share their works in progress. Seeking to provide feedback, exposure, and a friendly environment, our shows offer a comfortable space with plenty of interaction.

Our installments feature artists who utilize an array of mediums. The walls of WIP are lined with visual pieces, while the stage showcases our many performers. Eager artists relish the opportunity to nurture their creativity through informal, yet personal discussions with their peers as well as the audience. Unfinished masterpieces titivate WIP’s interactive environment. The artist and audience collaborate in an exchange of critique and ideas to enrich the artist’s creative process.

We are a platform for creative conversation and constructive criticism. We are an artist collective focused on cultivating personal growth through community. We are WIP.

Need to know more?

Here are some frequently asked questions about what goes on at WIP:

  • How can I present at a WIP event?

Simply fill out our submission form. Artists are generally accepted on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to fill out the form as soon as you can.

  • I took too long! What now?!

Fear not!! Those who cannot be hosted at a given event will be placed on a wait-list, and will be on the top of our list for the following month’s event.

  • Can I present visual work and perform a set?

Yes! We love to host dynamic artists who are eager to showcase their various talents. This is also decided on a first-come first-serve basis, and we will let you know in our initial response what you exactly you have been confirmed for.

  • Can I be a featured artist?

The WIP team devotes great time and consideration when choosing featured artists. Usually, we will reach out to artists directly and offer them a feature on our website. If you are eager to be featured, just let us know! We always do our best to accommodate.

  • I submitted my work. What’s next?

    Be sure to check your email! The WIP team will contact you directly to let you know the status of your submission, and what the next steps are for you.
  • How do I secure my spot for an event?

    Once we have reached out to you about your slot for an upcoming event, you must confirm by the specified date (usually 7 days before the event). If you do not confirm your participation, you are forfeiting your space to an artist on the waitlist. To be reconsidered, please fill out our submission form for the following month’s event.
  • I’m an artist showcasing my work. Do I have to purchase a ticket?
    Participating artists do not have to purchase admission for themselves. Donations, however, are always welcome! WIP is a collective effort that has grown as much as it has thanks to the amazing generosity of our community.
  • What do I need to bring the day-of?
    WIP will provide:

-the essentials for hanging up your artwork at the venue (please reach out to us for specifics)

-labels (i.e. name card; titles of pieces when applicable)

-basics for performers (i.e. keyboard, mic, amplifiers, etc.)

**Please let us know if you think you require special amenities to showcase your work, and we will be happy to discuss how to best accommodate your needs. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us (info@wipartists.com)

  • What time should I arrive to set up?
    Visual Artists:
    Please arrive at 4pm for the artist meet and greet. Here you will engage in a more intimate discussion about your work with fellow presenters. Around 5pm will be set up. The WIP team will be on-site to assist you fully (and by fully we mean with your artwork…foot-rubs not included). Our doors will open at 7pm sharp, so all work must be up before then.
    Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled set. If you’d like to perform a sound check, you must arrive between 5-6pm.

**We encourage all artists to arrive as early as possible. The earlier you come, the more time you will have to to meet our wonderful community!