Finding the Magic

“Fashion should reflect the reality of our lives and the fantasy of our minds.”  -Anna Turner

Interview Tanisha Parker

Photography Sarah Roberts

Anna Turner was required to create a quote for an assignment  while studying at FIT and has since added it to her current online portfolio.  It seems to serve as a constant motivation for the artist and designer as her work is whimsical yet practical, fun yet edgy.  

Anna’s recent collaboration with high end womenswear brand, chikimiki, features ready-to-wear pieces fit for the office or a night out.  Her personality shines through each and every piece with its bold patterns, intricate  beading, and detailed embroidery.  As I spoke to Anna, she meticulously continued to embroider a pair of work coveralls, while telling me what she loves and hates about the fashion industry.  While Anna described her role at chikimiki as “probably the coolest job [she] will get in fashion”, she lamented on the idea that most of the work involved in fashion is not creative at all.  Instead, there is a lot of time spent behind a computer, not to mention office politics and industry decorum.  

Anna focuses her creative energy on her day job at a screen printing shop, while also finding time to work on smaller projects.  One such project is a recent one she began with Lauralyn Renn of NYCuriosities.  The wall hangings are a few examples of the magic that Anna can create using materials that she gathers daily.  Anna credits a college professor as possibly her biggest influence when it comes to her style of embroidery.  “She introduced me to this whole idea of repetitive mark making and contemporary surface design of fabrics.”  Anna incorporates the simple stitching technique into her coveralls and the results are incredible when done on such a large scale.  

Time never seems to stop for Anna as she strives to keep herself busy, having just joined The Sketchbook Project, based at the Brooklyn Art Library.  She is also contemplating several ideas for an art series including one using angelina fibers to make colorful mixed media paintings.  Another, includes her current fascination with embroidering masculine pieces with feminine patterns and designs.  

Anna will be presenting several of her pieces at February’s WIP!  Check out all of her work on her website.