Passion, vision, exploration—the heart of WIP. Our ever-growing community encourages artists and art appreciators alike to join us at our monthly events. Since August 2015, we have granted artists the opportunity to share their works in progress. Seeking to provide feedback, exposure, and a friendly environment, our shows offer a comfortable space with plenty of interaction.

Our installments feature artists who utilize an array of mediums. The walls of WIP are lined with visual pieces, while the stage showcases our many performers. Eager artists relish the opportunity to nurture their creativity through informal, yet personal, discussions with their peers as well as the audience. Unfinished masterpieces titivate WIP’s interactive environment. The artist and audience collaborate in an exchange of critique and ideas to enrich the artist’s creative process.

We are a platform for creative conversation and constructive criticism. We are an artist collective focused on cultivating personal growth through community. We are WIP.