How to Write an Argumentative Essay; a Step By Step Guide

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It might look article to you but writing an argumentative essay is not just making a little argument, you need to ensure you follow the required structure and use facts you can back up with proof. Here is what you need to know when writing one.

But what is an argumentative essay in the first place?

An argumentative essay requires a students to research and evaluate a topic as well as to identify the two sides of the issue, come up with arguments and then decide which team wins and on what basis. In these essays you also need to give your position at the beginning of the article.
Do not confuse this essay with an expository essay, a descriptive essay, on the other hand, needs you to write about a topic in a manner to show you understand it, to know how to write an argumentative essay, on the other hand, support one side.
An expository essay does not need much research and pre-writing work either and is often done in class and as assignments while argumentative essays are usually done at the end of your course. Remember, when you search for argumentative essay sample, so not think you are writing an expository essay. Otherwise, you will get lost during the way.
Before you look at any other tips on how to write good articles, you should be able to write within the structure of an argumentative essay
Introduction; in your presentation, you should define the extent of your topic as well as establish tot the reader your side of the argument. You should do this in a way to capture the interest of your reader by making it engaging and fun as well as entertaining.
Background of your essay; on the environment, let the reader know why you chose the topic of discussion. Also, show why the question has conflicting ideologies and why each is important and why it should not be dismissed at face value.
Supporting paragraphs; in your supporting sections, let the reader know the evidence behind your essay. Also, do not just give evidence to why your point of view is correct. Challenge the reader to think on both sides of the cake letting him know all the reasons that are behind your essay making it an issue of conflicting interest.
Conclusion; to sum up your thoughts, writes an argumentative essay conclusion showing how your arguments outweigh the opposing and why it should be as the way you state it. Also, be careful not to introduce any new ideas at this stage. You should conclude your essay by going back to your essay statement.
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